We have three types of fat– white, brown and visceral – in our bodies. In moderation, these fats are beneficial. They store calories and then release them as our cells need additional energy, as well as distribute hormones and play an important part in metabolism. Too much fat, though, is harmful and excess belly fat or visceral fat can even be deadly.

Visceral fat is deep fat that wraps around our abdominal organs and even pouches out in front. Research shows that excess visceral fat increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, hypertension and metabolic disorders, such as type 2 diabetes and liver or kidney problems.

Forskolin is a plant extract, which can help you burn away your belly fat, optimize weight loss and contribute to overall health.

Where does Forskolin come from?

Banish Belly Fat with ForskolinForskolin is an active compound called Labdane diterpene that is extracted from Coleus forskohlii plants. Forskohlii plants are usually two to three feet tall and have woody stems and wide velvety leaves. Most forskohlii plants range in color from light to dark green, but there are a few varieties whose foliage turns deep purple when it is in full sun. Coleus forskohlii can be found in warm, humid climates around the globe, such as Brazil, Peru, Argentina and other South American countries, as well as India and parts of Africa.

The roots and leaves of coleus forskohlii have been used for centuries to treat heart problems, hypertension, asthma, allergies and digestive complaints.

How does Forskolin work?

Banish Belly Fat with ForskolinWhen the forskohlii plant first arrived in the Western world, it spent most of its time in laboratories. Scientists discovered that by extracting labdane diterpene from the plant they could catalyze an enzyme called adenylyl cyclase. This enzyme would then increase the level of cyclic AMP (cAMP) in cells and enable them to communicate efficiently among themselves and respond properly to hormones. The labdane diterpene extracted from coleus forskohlii was eventually named Forskolin and became an important part of biochemical research.

A few years after its debut in laboratories, Forskolin began to be added to weight loss supplements. Clinical studies have shown that by increasing cAmp in our cells Forskolin enhances metabolism and lypolisis, both of which intensify the burning of fat cells, while also encouraging the growth of lean muscle and increasing bone density. Faithfully using a Forskolin supplement with a balanced diet and regular exercise is guaranteed to replace stored fat with lean muscle.

Banish Belly Fat with ForskolinForskolin also provides some secondary benefits, which are too important to overlook. It functions as a vasodilator and can decrease hypertension, as well as improve circulation. Forskolin can also be used as an anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory, which calms allergies and decreases asthma attacks. Lastly, Forskolin optimizes the production and interaction of hormones. There is promising evidence that Forskolin increases testosterone in men, which could give bodybuilders a boost, but further research is required to confirm this.

Enhance Forskolin’s Fat Burning Capabilities

Unlike several other herbs which work well on their own, Forskolin provides the best benefits when it is coupled with other fat burning foods. You might say that they have a symbiotic relationship. Forskolin increases cAMP to speed up metabolism and lypolisis, which provides opportunities for other fat burning foods to kick in and burn additional fat. Greek yogurt, quinoa and oatmeal, fruits rich in Vitamin C, green tea, cinnamon and hot peppers are all foods that can be eaten with Forskolin to maximize the burning of fat.

Forskolin’s Side Effects

Forskolin is 100% natural and has no known side effects, but it is still wise to be cautious. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for how to take it, and if you notice any possible side effects speak with your healthcare provider immediately.  If you have a chronic condition, are taking prescription medication or are pregnant, do not take Forskolin without medical supervision.

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