Coleus Forskohlii is an herb that has been improving quality of life for thousands of generations. In ancient India, the roots and leaves of the plant itself were used to dilate the vessels surrounding the heart, calm asthma attacks, allergies and convulsions, as well as treat bacterial infections. Across the ocean in South America, Coleus Forskohlii is grown in backyards and continues to be a popular remedy for indigestion and hangovers.

Forskolin for Weight Loss and MaintenanceSeveral years ago, scientist discovered that Labdane diterpene is the secret of Coleus Forskohlii’s success. Labdane diterpene stimulates an enzyme in the plasma membrane of our cells. This enzyme, called adenylyl cyclase, increases the production of cAMP, which plays a vital role in communication between cells and the interaction of cells with hormones. Laboratories immediately began extracting Labdane from the Forskohlii plant and using it in cellular research.

The Forskohlii extract was dubbed Forskolin and it eventually made its way from laboratories to the world of weight loss supplements.

Forskolin Benefits

To say that Forskolin enhances weight loss is an understatement. By increasing cAMP, Forskolin releases a cascade of benefits that improves breathing, circulation, digestion, metabolism, lypolisis, in short every biochemical process in our bodies. Here a selection of Forskolin’s benefits in greater detail:

  • Forskolin for Weight Loss and MaintenanceWeight loss and maintenance. As we mentioned earlier, Forskolin stimulates an enzyme called adenylyl cyclase, which in turn catalyzes the production of cAMP. Increased cyclic AMP in our cells optimizes lypolisis and metabolism, which enables our bodies to burn fat more efficiently. Clinical research proves that a daily Forskolin supplement coupled with a balanced diet and regular exercise enhances weight loss, decreases abdominal fat, and strengthens lean muscles. These three things – weight loss, decrease of fat and development of muscle – set the stage for more weight loss and also long-term maintenance.
  • Allergies and asthma. Forskolin decreases inflammation and functions as an anti-histamine. These properties enable Forskolin to decrease the frequency and severity of asthma attacks, as well as calm allergic reactions in general.
  • Hypertension and Glaucoma. There is concrete proof that Forskolin functions as a vasodilator. In this capacity, Forskolin relieves angina, encourages circulation and decreases blood pressure. Forskolin also decreases intraocular blood pressure, and can be an effective treatment for some forms of glaucoma.
  • Forskolin for Weight Loss and MaintenanceHormones. As Forskolin encourages the production of cAMP, it indirectly promotes the regulation and efficiency of all hormones. Both men and women can profit from this aspect of Forskolin. There are indications that Forskolin increases testosterone in men, but more research is necessary. If it is confirmed that Forskolin raises testosterone levels, Forskolin will be especially beneficial for bodybuilders and even for men who are lacking testosterone due to age.

Forskolin has enough benefits to make one think that it is a magical herb. Reality, though, is that Forskolin does stimulate weight loss, calm allergies, improve heart health and regulate hormones, but treatment with conventional medicines may still be necessary. Delaying or refusing conventional treatment to allow a “magical” herb to work can have serious consequences. If you are being treated for a chronic condition, are experiencing ongoing symptoms or suspect you have an eating disorder, don’t hesitate to consult your healthcare provider before you begin taking Forskolin. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not take Forskolin without medical supervision.

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