In recent years, the general consumer in the Western world has begun to ask why they are being prescribed so many unhealthy chemicals that could make them even more ill than they were previously. This is a completely justified question given that there are other holistic options to consider. Having been quite fortunate myself to have aunts that practiced these remedies and the education I received while I was living in Asia, I have been able to ask questions about what I am being prescribed in order to avoid taking unnecessary medical treatments that doctors prescribed when they were too “prescription happy.”

Forskolin Extract - Coleus ForskohliiWhat I have learned is the importance of studying whether there is a holistic alternative on the market instead of jumping straight to the chemical-filled option. Recent studies have demonstrated that there are a plethora of holistic remedies for asthma that do not involve the brutal chemicals that are contained in asthma inhalers. One of these such holistic remedies for asthma is Coleus forskohlii. To read about how Coleus forskohlii can benefit your asthma treatment, continue reading below.

How to Treat Your Asthma With a More Holistic Approach

Forskolin has been shown to greatly reduce the propensity for asthma attacks than sodium cromoglycate. Forskolin is used to raise cyclic AMP levels. It essentially activates the enzyme adenylyl cyclase and greatly increases the intracellular levels of cyclic adenosine monophosphate. This has been proven to be quite effective in the treatment and prevention of asthma.

Forskolin Extract – Coleus ForskohliiWhile this is a viable alternative, it is essential to not ingest too much of this product. Over- consumption of holistic remedies can also be fatal regardless if they are derived from natural herbs. Additionally, it is quite important to be careful about what you combine this treatment with. For example, if you are taking many prescription medications, it is wise to consider what side effects adding the herbal remedy will cause. It is important to remember that just because the herb is found in nature, it does not mean that one cannot have bad side effects when they are combined with chemical properties.

Other Possible Remedies with the Help of Forskolin

Even though Forskolin has been quite effective in treating asthma, it has also been very effective in treating a multitude of medical ailments. For example, Forskolin has seen a great deal of success in treating erectile dysfunction, heart conditions, and many skin conditions. This has prompted further research. However, it is safe to say that Forskolin shows a great deal of potential to produce sensational treatment options within the medical field. As with all prospective herbal remedies, it is wise to carefully research what you are ingesting in order to be sure that Forskolin will produce the results you desire. If you make informed medical decisions, you will be able to have the best healthcare treatment options possible. That being said, Forskolin is an exciting innovation within the holistic field of medicine that should be watched closely in the coming years for a viable treatment option for many medical ailments.

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