Basic Information: What is Gingababy Forskolin Advanced Fat Targeting

This is the latest review for Gingababy Forskolin Advanced Fat Targeting. It is a herbal product that helps improve thyroid function and boosts your metabolism, flooding the body with hormones that control fat burning and storage. It is not a stimulant, because it naturally increases fat burning hormones rather than pushing your body into a caffeinated state as other weight loss supplements do. This makes it much more effective with long term use compared to stimulants, which are a temporary boost for your metabolism.


Coleus forskohlii extract – contains 125 mg per capsule. It has been standardized to 20% giving it the highest dosage of active ingredient per capsule available.

Gelatin – Gelatin is used as a suspension fluid for the extract to protect its fat burning properties. It also has the added benefit of supporting joints and reducing muscle fatigue.

Magnesium stearate – Used to prevent the ingredients from breaking down and melting the case of the capsules.

Calcium carbonate – Used to prevent the capsules from sticking to each other.


The dosage that has been recommended by Gingababy is two capsules a day as needed. You may increase it to up to three capsules a day, but do not go over the maximum proposed dose. Take a capsule before meals with a glass of water for the best results.


Gingababy Forskolin Advanced Fat Targeting costs $40 per bottle for a one month supply. You can also find it for as low as $19.99 if you purchase it on a third party website such as Amazon.

Possible Side Effects

There are no negative side effects to forskolin as it is a very safe herbal product. However, Indian coleus is a plant that is related to lavender, so if you have allergies to lavender, you should avoid this supplement. Pregnant women as well as young children should also consult with a physician before taking forskolin.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

There is a guarantee available for Gingababy Forskolin. Just return the defective product and the remaining capsules in its original bottle and return it to Gingababy headquarters. The shipping costs are not included. Gingababy has a lot of positive reviews on its website, so returns seem to be rare.

The Bottom Line

Gingababy Forskolin Advanced Fat Targeting is popular because of the purity of its blend. It uses 20% standardized root extract, which gives it one of the highest doses of forskolin out there, without the risk of going over the recommended dose.

As a fat melter, it helps prevent the stagnation of your metabolism and boosts it, allowing for up to twice the amount of weight lost if coupled with a healthy diet and a dedicated exercise regime.

However, more statistics are needed to see if it really works in the long term. It has not been thoroughly tested as it is a very new product. Gingababy also does not have any reviews on its website, so you do not know if real consumers find it effective or not.

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