Losing excess weight is hard for everyone and for some people, it is almost impossible. These folks have tried every diet in the book and every weight loss supplement on the shelf, and still those extra pounds stick around. A sluggish metabolism may be the culprit in these cases, and a natural metabolism-boosting supplement, like Forskolin, may provide the key to weight loss.

Forskolin: Native of the Subtropics

Increasing Metabolism with ForskolinForskolin is an active compound taken from Coleus forskohlii plants. These plants are members of the Plectranthus family and love warm, humid climates. They can be found primarily in India, but also in South America and certain African countries. Three thousand years ago in India, the world’s oldest form of holistic medicine was established. Named Ayurveda (meaning “science of life”) this medical system used herbs to heal and improve life. The leaves and roots of Coleus forskohlii plants were frequently used by Ayurvedic practitioners to treat bacterial infections, coronary diseases, asthma and even convulsions.

Forskolin: Labdane at Work

Forskolin is Labdane, a bicyclic diterpene, extracted from Coleus forskohlii plants. This potent compound stimulates an enzyme called adenylyl cyclase. Higher levels of adenylyl cyclase increase the production of cyclic AMP or cAMP, which allows our cells to communicate more efficiently and respond accurately to hormones. Research shows that by increasing cAMP, we improve every biochemical activity in our body. This includes metabolism and thermogenesis!

Increasing Metabolism with ForskolinMetabolism involves two things. The first is Catabolism or the breaking down of molecules to provide energy and secondly Anabolism, which is the production of all compounds necessary for cellular function. Forskolin optimizes these two processes and as a result more fat is burned for energy and our cells function their very best. Thermogenesis directly influences metabolism. In the thermogenic process, our bodies break down fat molecules to produce heat. As Labdane from Forskolin increases cAMP, thermogenesis is more efficient and as a result, catabolism speeds up. By speeding up metabolism and thermogenesis, Forskolin helps us to shed the most stubborn of all pounds.

A recent clinical study evaluated the benefits of Forskolin for weight loss. Researchers studied two groups of overweight subjects, who were put on the same low calorie diet and exercise plan.  One group was given Forskolin for three months, while the control group took only a placebo.  The Forskolin group lost more weight, increased their bone density and developed more lean muscles than the control group. Since they had lost additional weight and strengthened their lean muscles, the subjects who took Forskolin continued to lose weight even after the study was concluded.

Increasing Metabolism with ForskolinForskolin’s main benefits are increasing metabolism and thermogenesis, but it also has some secondary advantages which make it well worth your investment. Remember how Ayurvedic practitioners used Coleus forskohlii to treat coronary problems, bacterial infections, asthma and convulsions? Their treatment was effective because Forskolin works as a vasodilator, anti-inflammatory agent, microbial and relaxant for smooth muscles. If you are dealing with heart problems, hypertension or ongoing asthma attacks, you might consider speaking with your doctor to see if Forskolin might be a worthwhile addition to your traditional treatment.

Forskolin: A Final Word

Forskolin supplements are widely available on the internet and also at local retailers. Most supplement manufacturers suggest that you take a daily dose of 250-500 mg of Forskolin. However, before you start taking Forskolin or any other natural supplement, it is important that you consult with your primary healthcare provider. Even natural products can occasionally cause side effects or inhibit the effect of conventional drugs. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not take Forskolin.

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