Basic Information: What is Bauer Nutrition Forskolin 250

This review on Forskolin 250 offered by Bauer Nutrition, aims to help potential users to decide whether or not to buy this supplement. The goal of this product is to help you lose weight safely and naturally by breaking down stored fat and increasing metabolism for faster weight loss. The manufacturer of this product is based in the United Kingdom, known to produce premium healthcare supplements. To know more about this product, read the full review.


The active ingredient used in this product stands true to the product name which is 250mg of pure and powerful Forskolin extracted from the root of the Coleus Forskohlii plant.


The manufacturer advises to take two capsules in a day along with food or a drink. It is not advised to exceed the recommended dosage.


You can get this product from Bauer Nutrition website. It costs £34.95 and it is cheaper than the original price of £44.95 thus enabling you to save £10.00. One bottle contains 60 capsules which is usually sufficient for a month based on the recommended dosage.

What to Expect

You can expect this product to help you decrease body fat and  increase lean body mass. If you take this product regularly for atleast twelve weeks, based on the recommended dosage, you can see results. However since every individual’s medical condition may vary, the time required to see the results may vary accordingly.

Keep an Eye Out

It is safe for pregnant women, mothers who breastfeed their babies, children less than the age of 18, and those with known medical conditions to stay away from this product. Since the interactions of Forskolin with other prescription drugs is not established clearly, those who are taking over the counter or prescription medications should consult a medical professional before using this product. The bottles should kept in a cool, dry place and should not be used when the safety seal is missing or damaged.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Bauer Nutrition enables you to purchase Forskolin 250 with confidence because you are backed by a 60 day money back guarantee policy. It is very simple and does not involve any hassles or risks, so you can try the product risk-free for 60 days.

The Bottom Line

Forskolin 250 offered by Bauer Nutrition works as a powerful herbal weight loss remedy. One distinct aspect of Bauer Nutrition is that it has several medical advisers including clinical pharmacologists, practicing doctors, microbiologists and nursing professionals involved in product development which assures that real world industry expertise and inputs have been applied to the formulation and development of the product. Bauer Nutrition also has an informative blog that discusses potential medical conditions and suitable natural remedies including Forskolin 250 to treat different conditions. However it is not available for online purchase in any other online store other than the manufacturer’s website and there weren’t too many reviews about this product.

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