This reviews analyzes the major features of Forskolin offered by Forskolin Australia. This health supplement is one of the best  metabolism boosting supplements that also helps in weight loss. Though the main feature of this product is to aid weight loss, it also helps  to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and other medical conditions such as  bronchial asthma, eczema, psoriasis  etc . Read on to find more information.


The major ingredient of this health supplement is coleus forskohlii extract standardized to 20% forskolin. The manufacturer also states that the supplements which has less than 20% forskolin may not be as effective as expected.


The dosage instructions recommends to take atleast  125 milligrams of a proper forskolin supplement along with a meal at breakfast. However you can also use the product anytime during the day, thus making consumption of this supplement, slightly more than the recommended dosage possible too. However first timers should start with only 125 milligrams.


You can buy this product using three options such as one month supply, three month supply and six months supply. The one month supply costs AUD$49. The three months supply costs AUD$98 which enables you to buy two bottles and get one free. The six months supply enables you to pay for three bottles and get three additional bottles free of cost.  This package costs AUD$147. All three packages provides free shipping for customers located in Australia and New Zealand. When you purchase six months supply of Forskolin, the manufacturer offers three months supply of Colon Cleanse totally free of charge. The Colon Cleanse product is made using ingredients that are rich in antioxidants and helps in weight loss. This package costs $198.

What to Expect

Though this product won’t produce results overnight, you have to combine using this supplement along with a sensible diet program, regular exercise regimen and a healthy lifestyle to see good results.

Keep an Eye Out

This is a dietary supplement and  side effects are rare and mild. However pregnant women, nursing mothers and those with known medical conditions should consult with a medical professional before using this product. This product should also be kept away from the reach of children.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The manufacturer offers a 30 day 100% money back guarantee that allows users to claim refunds for any unopened bottles which are returned within 30 days of the manufacturer’s shipping date.  However the manufacturer requires bottles to be returned in new condition. The amount that will be refunded is based on an average bottle cost of the purchase amount and does not include return shipping costs.

The Bottom Line

This product is 100% natural and the 100% money back guarantee is very encouraging for potential users. The manufacturer provides a wide range of options to buy this product , which is good. The ingredients used in this product not just aids in weight loss but also offers a range of benefits. However the interactions of this supplement with other prescription medications is not established.

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