Forskolin Premium which is mentioned in this review has been clinically researched and rated as a high quality product that actually burns body fat. The manufacturers claim that it causes weight loss by facilitating the process of fat reduction in the body. It is a useful supplement to people who battle with obesity or want to lose weight safely and naturally.


Forskolin Premium is made entirely from:

  • Forskolin root extract

It has been clinically approved and has been standardized to 20%. It does not contain any other contaminants like preservatives, coloring or other extra ingredients.


The suggested dose of Forskolin Premium is 2 capsules a day, which adds up to 500mg of Forskolin per day. Swallow 1 capsule 30 minutes before meals with 8 ounces of water. The supplement can be taken for 12 months to cause gradual and safe weight loss.

What to expect

The manufacturer does not allege that the Forskolin Premium will cause rapid weight loss, instead they advise customers to use it over a period of time so that weight loss occurs in a steady and healthy manner. According to the time frame of the guarantee the results will be visible in a year’s time.

Keep an eye out

The capsules are harmless but, if you are pregnant, nursing or you have a medical condition, consult a health practitioner before using Forskolin Premium. Also, children under the age of 18 should not take these capsules without consulting a doctor. It may be tempting to accelerate the speed of losing weight, however, decline the urge to exceed the recommended 500mg limit per day.


A standard bottle of Forskolin Premium, which contains 60 Forskolin capsules, is sold at a regular price of $69.95, although often times you can buy it at more than 30% discount. A six bottle package normally costs $419.70 and sometimes more than 50% discount is offered. In the long run buying multiples at once will save you more money than buying one bottle at a time.

Manufacturer’s commitment

Forskolin Premium has GMP and company certification which assure its purity, quality and effectiveness. On the label, they do not claim to treat or cure anything but they assure you of significant weight loss with continued use. The product comes with a 365-day money back guarantee just in case it does not work for you. This shows the manufacturer’s certainty on the effectiveness of Forskolin Premium. There is positive feedback from customers who have tried this product to counter their weight problems.

Bottom line

Forskolin Premium is the highest quality Forskolin in the market with 100% purity and has undergone thorough scientific research. This Forskolin extract is a weight loss supplement which really works, and will give you the body and health you wish for. Aside from that you need to be patient while taking Forskolin Premium according to the recommended dose so that you can experience maximum benefits of using the product. You will fulfill your desire to lose weight safely.

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