Basic Information: What Is Forskolin Pure?

Forskolin Pure is a dietary supplement that uses pure Forskolin, which has been clinically proven to help with weight loss. This review will inform customers of the product and why it works. Furthermore, it will aid customers in their decision in whether or not this is the correct product for them. Forskolin Pure claim their product is, at least, twice as effective as other similar products on the market; this statement is backed up by many famous doctors and testimonies.


The product is made from 100% pure Forskolin, extracted from the highest grade Coleus Forskohlii leaves. The sole ingredient of the product has been proven to supress the appetite. It also activates enzymes that are responsible for burning fat.


Two capsules should be taken each day along with a glass of water. This is best done thirty minutes before meals. Each bottle of Forskolin Pure will last thirty days, if following the instructions.


Each bottle contains sixty 250mg capsules. One bottle of Forskolin Pure is priced at $49.95; however, Forskolin Pure offer additional deals for customers interested in purchasing a supple of the product to last several months. Two bottles can be purchased for only $90.70 and a third bottle will be given free of charge, making a saving of 33%. Forskolin Pure recommend their five to seven month package for best effects, which costs $137.70 for six bottles making a huge saving of 67%.

What To Expect

Following the recommended dose of Forskolin Pure for two weeks, results were very noticeable: I lost several pounds. With great results like this so early on, I continued on along the five to seven month package which only further proved the quality and functionality of the product. Since using the product I have also noticed a great change in my appetite as I no longer crave food as often as I once did.

Keep An Eye Out

The product has no known side effects, most likely due to its pure high grade ingredients; however, as with most dietary supplements, if pregnant or nursing a doctor should be consulted before using Forskolin Pure.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

A sixty day money back 100% guarantee is offered to all customers that feel Forskolin Pure did not have the correct results. Any opened or unopened bottles can be returned for a full refund with no questions asked. This is highly re-assuring and just goes to prove how well Forskolin Pure believe in their product.

On top of the guarantee, many customer reviews exist for the product, all claiming they noticed great results when using Forskolin Pure. A very high number of women reported using the product to reduce fat left over from pregnancy and all stated the product worked very well in burning the fat.

The Bottom Line

The product works exceptionally well by burning up fat and eliminating possible cravings for fatty foods. The product also supplies customers with a heft amount of capsules, making one bottle last thirty days where as other dietary supplement products typically supply customers with a dosage that lasts only fifteen days.

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