Basic Information: What is Herbal Slimming Forskolin

This is the latest review of Herbal Slimming Forskolin. It is a completely natural, herbal based remedy for weight loss, Forskolin is made from the purest plant extracts derived from the root of the Coleus forskohlii herb.

Forskolin works by triggering a hormone called cyclic AMP or cAMP. It is produced by the thyroid, and helps people burn off excess fat. You get 500mg of coleus forskohlii extract with each herbal slimming pill.


Herbal Slimming prides itself in the purity of its products. Each capsule contains 500 mg of 10% standardized Forskolin. While it is debatable, Herbal Slimming maintains that 10% standardized coleus forskohlii is the best percentage to get the most out of the active ingredient.


Herbal Slimming recommends that you take two capsules a day. This will give you 1000 mg of 10% standardized forskolin, which is enough to boost your metabolism and help you lose weight. One capsule is taken at breakfast, and the other is taken at dinner. The best time to take the pills are at least 20 minutes before a meal.


A bit on the pricier side, Herbal Slimming Forskolin costs $49 per bottle. It was formerly priced at $59, so you get at least $10 off. If you want to save more money, try to buy their bundle deals instead. They offer three month supply for just $98, while six month supply of 360 pills will set you back just $169. It used to cost $294, so you save a lot of money.

Possible Side Effects

Forskolin is safe to use, but may cause dizziness, nausea, or heart burn. Individuals who experience these averse effects must discontinue use immediately. Pregnant or nursing mothers should also avoid taking the supplement to prevent adverse effects on their babies.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Herbal Slimming Forskolin has a lot of positive reviews from individuals who have tried it and successfully lost weight in the process. As such, the company is very confident and offers a 60 day money back guarantee. All you have to do is send them a message, and they will give you instructions on how to return the product should you find fault in it.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Herbal Slimming Forskolin is a cut above the rest due to its confident money back guarantee that is not offered by some of its competitors. It’s pure formula of 10% standardized forskolin at 1000mg a day is superior to the low dosages of other brands. They have no fillers, and use the best root extracts.

However, it is still in its earlier stages and clinical trials have been few and far between. Therefore, its efficacy rates remains to be seen. Compared to other forskolin products in its class, it is also quite a bit more expensive if you choose to buy it at full price.

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