Basic Information: What is Just Potent Pharmaceutical Grade Forskolin

Take a look at our latest Just Potent Pharmaceutical Grade Forskolin Extract review, which will help customers decide whether this product is right for them. Forskolin extract, while it is typically used as a weight loss aid, has a number of benefits pertaining to weight loss. It claims to burn fat, help lower high blood pressure, treat insomnia, provide relief for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and offer relief from infections such as urinary tract infection (UTI). Just Potent’s forskolin supplement is also made in a facility approved by the FDA and adheres to strict GMP protocols, so that you can be assured of the safety and quality of this product.


Just Potent’s Forskolin is a pharmaceutical grade supplement and uses high quality, 20% standardized forskolin extract and nothing else. It has no added fillers or binders, and is free of heavy metals and other impurities. It is encapsulated in a gelatin free tablet that is vegetarian friendly.


The recommended dosage for Just Potent’s supplement is 400mg of forskolin a day. Just take one capsule at least 30 minutes before a meal, twice a day. You should never exceed the recommended amount of tablets.


For a pharmaceutical grade forskolin extract that contains no fillers or binders, Just Potent’s version is very affordable. While other products will give you a lower concentration of forskolin for the same price, Just Potent gives you one hundred percent pure forskolin extract that has been standardized at 20%. The regular price is just $39.99, but when it goes on sale, it only costs $19.99.

Possible Side Effects

Young children, as well as pregnant or nursing women should avoid taking Forskolin. Those suffering from health problems should also consult a doctor before trying Forskolin. Since Forskolin has blood pressure lowering properties, patients who have hypotension should also refrain from taking the supplement. It is completely natural and made of herbal ingredients. It is not however, organic.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

There is a guarantee available for Just Potent forskolin, depending on which website you purchase it from. Most websites are not very clear on its return policies, so it is better to purchase it off a trusted website like Amazon. There are however, hundreds of reviews that vouch for the efficacy of this product so it may be worth looking into.


Compared to other products, Just Potent Pharmaceutical Grade Forskolin seems to live up to its name. While other products use fillers or use a lower grade of standardized forskolin, Just Potent uses only the purest extract available. It also has a fairly high dosage of Forskolin, offering about 400 mg for every two tablet serving.

Even though Just Potent has many good reviews, it has an unclear return policy and it varies greatly between sellers. You may be hard pressed to find a good source from which to buy the product. Another downside is that it still has questionable effects on nursing women, so more research is needed to make it even safer.

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