Basic Information: What is Forskolin Forte

This article reviews LifeProLabs Forskolin Forte in great detail. The goal of Forskolin Forte is to promote lean muscle mass and overall weight management. This product has been manufactured in a cGMP facility with highest World Health Organisation standards. Continue reading to find more information about this product.


The forskolin in this product is extracted from the coleus forskohlii plant root and it is standardized to 40% concentration. This product was formulated by a member of the Maricoid healthcare team, known for leading edge research and innovation using highly effective and sought after bioactive ingredients.  The forskolin concentration in this supplement is about 50x the concentration of the dried coleus forskohlii plant root source from which it is extracted.

This product does not contain fillers, soy, starch, corn, sugar, milk, eggs, wheat, gluten, nuts or preservatives.


Forskolin Forte is meant to be considered as a dietary supplement. One capsule per day must be  taken along with meals. Since this product aims to provide lean body mass and reduce weight, it is good to combine it with an exercise routine in order to achieve optimal results.


The manufacturer recommends buying this product from amazon. A single bottle contains 60 easy to swallow capsules and costs $150.40 in amazon. For commercial quantities, potential buyers should touch-base with the manufacturer’s customer support team.

What to Expect

Forskolin Forte is very easy to swallow and has the highest concentration of forskolin for maximum effect. I was very impressed with the way the product has been formulated, especially referring to the benchmark in purity and concentration. This product is a great weight loss supplement. If you workout regularly while consuming this supplement, you can build lean body mass in no time.

Keep an Eye Out

In case you have a medical condition or you are using over the counter or prescription medications, you should not use this product without consulting with a Physician. Especially heart patients who take medications to treat various health conditions related to the heart, should stay away from this product.  Pregnant women, lactating mothers and children should also not use this product without talking to a medical professional.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The manufacturer claims that this product meets gold standard and is the first high strength coleus forskohlii. They guarantee that the product contains atleast 40% forskolin or they will return twice your money back. This shows the confidence of the manufacturer in the product and its efficacy.

The Bottom Line

Forskolin Forte contains 40% forskolin which has higher concentration of forskolin than any other forskolin product in the market. This product works great for athletes and body builders who are working towards a lean body. It helps in fat burn and provides lot of scope to build lean muscle mass. On an average, the reviews were mostly positive however there were few reviews where users complained of some minor side effects.

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