What is Natures Plus Herbal Actives Coleus Forskohlii?

This review examines the weight loss supplement Natures Plus Herbal Actives Coleus Forskohlii which claims to improve well-being and lean body mass when combined with healthy eating and exercise. This gluten-free, vegan-friendly Forskolin supplement aims to support weight loss by helping to maintain a healthy metabolism.  


This product contains 2 main active ingredients:

  •  ForsLean
  • Activessence

ForsLean is a patented version of Forskolin extract standardized to contain 20% Forskolin. While this is a great standardization to get the most out of the Forskolin extract, the product only contains 125mg of this Forskolin extract which is significantly lower than most other products on the market. The ideal daily dosage found beneficial in clinical studies is 500mg. 

 The second ingredient, Activessence, is an enzyme activation system said to boost the absorption of the Forskolin. This manufacturer does not provide any links to any studies to back up these claims or explain how this ingredient works. 


It is recommended to take one capsule daily or as recommended by your doctor. With only a 125mg daily serving, this is much lower than other products which could affect its effectiveness in comparison. 


Unfortunately, this product is not available for sale on the manufacturer’s website. However, the site does provide a store locator so that you can find out where to buy the product. This can be a little frustrating as you will need to do your own research on where to get the best deal.  

Possible Side Effects

There are no mentioned side effects associated with this product. However, it does contain ingredients such as silica and magnesium stearate in the product’s inactive ingredients which could possibly lead to some digestive issues. 

Manufacturer’s Commitment

There is no mention of a money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the results of this product. Each individual retailer may have their own return policy but the manufacturer itself does not seem to offer any refunds if you are unsatisfied. This is disappointing as its one of the first things we look for in determining the quality of the product. Generally, manufacturers with a lot of confidence in their product put their money where their mouth is, so to speak. 

The Bottom Line

On the surface, Natures Plus Herbal Actives Coleus Forskohlii seems to be a great product with two patented ingredients, one of which is said to boost the absorption of the product. And better absorption means better results. However, the manufacturer does not provide any sources to back up these claims. The daily serving of Forskolin is also significantly lower than many other products on the market at only 125mg a day. This could possibly slow down the results experienced. It is also slightly off putting that one needs to go find where to buy the product and where the best deal can be found. There are so many other alternatives where the product can be yours with the simple click of a button. When you buy directly from the manufacturer you are also able to have someone to liaise with if you run into any problems. The final strike against this product is the lack of money-back guarantee. It is always a confidence booster to see that they manufacturer stands behind its product and we also recommend looking for a product that is.

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