Basic Information: What is Nutri Creation Forskolin Herbal Supplement

This is our review of Nutri Creation Forskolin Herbal Supplement, which will help you choose whether this diet supplement is right for you. Nutri Creation Forskolin uses 10% standardized forskolin root extract that has been conveniently packaged in an easy to swallow pill. It helps increase fat loss and boost metabolism, which is ideal for people who are having a hard time losing weight. If you buy Nutri Creation’s version, you get 125mg of forskolin in each pill that you swallow.


Coleus forskohlii root extract – contains 125mg of Coleus forskohlii root extract that has been standardized to 10%. It is the active ingredient that helps you lose weight and burn fat off for good.

Gelatin – Gelatin is used to suspend the active ingredients, but it is also beneficial for lubricating joints during exercise, which improves recovery periods after a difficult work out.

Magnesium Stearate – Used as a coating to keep tablets from sticking to each other.

Calcium Carbonate – Used as a filler and preservative to keep the ingredients active.


Nutri Creation Forskolin Herbal Supplements come in a dissolving oral pill. Nutri Creation recommends that you take two tablets a day. It is preferred that you take one in the mornings before breakfast, and another in the evening before dinner. You should not exceed the recommended dose.


A bottle of Nutri Creation Forskolin Herbal Supplement costs $37. One bottle contains 60 capsules, which is enough for one month’s supply of pills.

Possible Side Effects

Since forskolin is a herbal supplement, some people with plant allergies may be sensitive to the ingredients. If any negative reactions occur, you must discontinue use immediately. Nutri Creation Forskolin should also not be used by pregnant women, children, and individuals with low blood pressure. If you experience any ill effects, contact your doctor immediately.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

There is a money back guarantee on returns if you decide to choose Nutri Creation’s Forskolin. However, you are expected to pay for the shipping costs, and you must include the receipt in the returns. They allow a 15 day return policy on their website.

The Bottom Line

Nutri Creation Forskolin is very accessible and has few side effects. It can be used by just about anyone who is struggling with their weight. Nutri Creation is also made in the USA, so that you can be assured that they are made using the highest standards of quality in a sanitary facility.

The biggest pitfall of this particular product is that it has a very short window for returns. You only get 15 days from the date of your purchase to return the item, which is not enough time to test it out. You may also be hard pressed to find reviews, so you have no point of reference when purchasing it.

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