This is a review of Research Verified Forskolin. This product is designed to be used by those who wish to lose weight without having to intensely change their lifestyle, diet or exercise routine. For the entire review, continue reading to find out more.


Research Verified Forskolin has only one ingredient. This is the Forskolin Root Extract. This is the main way in which people who use this product are able to lose weight and start to see inches easing off of their body.


The company recommends that a person should take one capsule, two times per day. They should be taken with a full glass of water, and also taken around 30 minutes before a meal. This is the dosing method that is going to give you the best results.


Research Verified Forskolin offers 3 pricing packages. The first is the one-month supply that is $48 for the bottle. This is a discount of 31%, as the usually price of a bottle is $69.96. The three-month supply includes three bottles of the product with each bottle costing $40. The package total is $120, which is a 43% savings. In addition, this popular package includes free shipping. The six months’ supply offers six bottles of the product, with each bottle costing $33. The total price of the package is $198. The savings is 53%, and you also get free shipping.

Possible Side Effects

With all the studies that have been performed, there have been no serious side effects reported when using this ingredient. Therefore, those who use this should not be worried about this happening. All with all other supplements on the market, those who are breastfeeding, pregnant or who have a previous medical condition should only use this with the supervision of a doctor.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Those who have tried Research Verified Forskolin rave about the positives that this product offers. The company also stands behind their product, as they offer a 365 money back guarantee that cannot be found on the market from other companies. During the time that the person uses this if they are unhappy for any reason, they can return this within 365 days for a complete refund. All the person has to do is to send their used and unused bottles back to the company.

The Bottom Line

Being overweight can lead to drastic health problems, so it is paramount that people understand the risks attached to being overweight and work to reduce it. Research Verified Forskolin is manufactured with the highest standards in place, utilizing pure Forskolin to ensure safety and efficacy. We found a variety of high remarks from consumers and studies have shown that this product does work very well for losing weight and melting fat. It also offers an amazing 365 money back guarantee.

If you have tried other methods of losing weight with no success, then you may want to consider Research Verified Forskolin for your weight loss supplement.

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