Basic Information: What is Thrive Naturals Forskolin 

This review analyzes the major features of Forskolin offered by Thrive Naturals. The objective of this product is to help lose fat and support building of lean muscle and bone density, thus giving the lean yet toned look to the tummy. This product is manufactured in cGMP and FDA regulated facilities thus assuring a high quality product. Read on to find key information about the product.


The major ingredient of this health supplement is coleus forskohlii extract standardized to 20% forskolin which amount to 50 mg forskolin in quantity.  All the ingredients are third party tested for purity.

Other Ingredients:

  • Vegetable capsule
  • Rice flour


The manufacturer recommends adults to take one capsule daily atleast half an hour before meals. For better results, you should hydrate yourself by drinking a glass of water as soon as you take this supplement. Each bottle contains thirty capsules allowing you to only have to take one capsule per day for full thirty day supply.  You should also exercise caution not to exceed the recommended dosage.


Thrive naturals website provides three options to buy this product :

  • Buy six bottles (180-Day Supply) at the price of $223.95. This option helps you to save 17% and also comes with free shipping.
  • Buy three bottles (90-Day Supply) at the price of $118.95 . This option helps you to save 11% and also comes with free shipping.
  • Buy one bottle (30 Day Supply) at the price of $43.95

 What to Expect

The effect of this supplement may vary from one individual to another yet you can expect to see weight loss results within four weeks.

Keep an Eye Out

Although, Forskolin is a safe weight loss supplement based on natural ingredients, it is best to consult a physician before taking this supplement. As the interactions of this supplement with other medications is not established, it is mandatory for people with known medical conditions and taking prescription or over the counter medications to consult a doctor before using this supplement. Pregnant and nursing women should not take Forskolin. It should also be kept out of the reach of children.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The manufacturer offers a 90 day money back guarantee program. Thrive naturals is extremely confident that potential users will see the results they expect, that they are proud to offer a no questions asked, full money-back guarantee. In case you don’t like the product, you just have to call the manufacturer’s customer service department and request a refund, post which the manufacturer will offer a replacement or a refund on the purchase price.

The Bottom Line

The ingredients used in this supplement are all natural, pure and potent. The manufacturer is also committed to help potential users to achieve the results they want to, hence the risk free 90 day money-back guarantee works great. However lower price points could have been more attractive and budget friendly.

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