Basic Information: What is Worldwide Naturals Forskolin Extract

This is a new review of Worldwide Naturals Forskolin Extract. It contains pure coleus forskohlii extracts and is free of any fillers, binders, preservatives, heavy metals, or artificial ingredients.

Each capsule is made in a GMP verified facility in the USA. As a weight loss product, it helps trim the fat from your body by boosting the metabolism. It is not a stimulant, unlike products like caffeine, which only give you a temporary metabolic boost.

Worldwide Naturals also cares for social issues. With each purchase of their Forskolin extract, they donate 5% of the proceeds to charities that help women and children within the United States.


There is only one ingredient in Worldwide Naturals’ formula. It contains the extract of the Coleus forskohlii plant, which is a tropical plant related to the lavender flower. It has purple flowers of its own, but the extract is derived from the roots of the plants, which contain the highest amount of forskolin. It is standardized to 20% to ensure a uniform product.


Worldwide Naturals offers forskolin in oral tablet form. The recommended dosage of forskolin is 500mg a day. Each capsule contains 250mg of forskolin extract, so you simply take between one to two tablets a day as needed. To get the most out of your supplement, it is best to take them twice a day before meals.


The price of Worldwide Naturals Forskolin extract is very affordable. A month’s supply, which is equivalent to one bottle, is priced at $29.99, excluding shipping. If you choose to buy more than one bottle, you can qualify for free shipping.

Possible Side Effects

Forskolin extract, especially in its pure form, is extremely safe and has no side effects. However, should you develop adverse reactions such as rashes, nausea, and palpitations, you should discontinue use immediately. Always consult with a physician before embarking on any weight loss supplement regime.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Worldwide Naturals Forskolin Extract has many four and five star reviews on its website. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you are somehow dissatisfied with the benefits of their product, you can simply return it and receive your refund. The refund does not cover shipping fees.

The Bottom Line

Worldwide Naturals Forskolin Extract is one of the safest weight loss products that you can take. It contains no preservatives and no artificial chemicals, unlike some other weight loss supplements. Its pure formula is unmatched and you can truly reap the benefits of forskolin guilt free.

The company is also very charitable, so you give back to the world whenever you choose to buy forskolin from them.

One problem is that the product is still being tested for its long term effects on weight loss. The website does not provide any links to clinical trials. Worldwide Naturals also does not mention if their forskolin is organic and pesticide free.

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